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Introductory~Collective Profile

Findew Holding is a privately owned intermediary services, advisory and ~connectivity deal~ firm which provides high value strategies and business solutions to a broad spectrum of clients, being high-net-worth individuals, young entrepreneurs, employees’ families, small to medium organisations and entrepreneur-styled businesses. It is also amply geared to advice-structuring of improvement-lacked zones within large conglomerates. Essentially, both white-collared and blue-collared end-users are linked with expert hands-on solution professionals. The team of highly specialised and outsourced professionals include, inter-alia, a myriad of specialists, such as conveyancers, trust officers and lawyers, estate planners, land surveyors, chartered accountants, property developers, construction firms, couriers and travel agents. Findew Holding’s primary modus operandi stems from word-of-mouth associations and has never veered off-course from this personalised and independent approach, leaving us free from encumbered vested interests which often present elsewhere. Findew Holding is thus well-positioned to meet the individual needs of a multitude of varied customers, with diverse needs, both locally and internationally.


At Findew Holding, clients are viewed and regarded as business partners. Clients bring us theirgoals and aspirations and our purpose is to help them achieve exactly that. We do this by focusing on results. Expertise, expeditiousness, discretion and most importantly, attention to detail are the primary factors. As opposed to other advisory firms, with Findew Holding, red tape is back-officed and inadvertently down-played for our customers, leaving them hassle-free to continue with their affairs unhindered, one of the key ingredients in the unique mix offered. Our associate professionals deliverindependent and superior service. In so doing, they execute their mandates by never compromising on personalised involvement, integrity or expertise. Regular visits are conducted and close, involved communication is maintained, which are the distinguishing trade-marks that set Findew Holding apart from the rest. Goals materialise into reality and it is this level of extraordinary service, endowed with the hallmarks of integrity, which serve to deliver the ultimate unique needs of our clients, whose portfolios are ‘hand-picked and cultivated’ for best long-term selection and results.

Companies and Trusts

Greater flexibility is achieved through integrating control of certain asset classes through companies, trusts, or an amalgamation of both. These types of ownership instruments are particularly attractive to professional and private practices and wealthy families, as it condones supreme privacy, whilst at the same time, still offers fundamental and absolute control.It also allows for greater flexibility and retains involvement where required. Appealing solutions involve discretionary trusts and to this end, Findew Holding forms the foundation, including the grass-roots level of initiation and formation of same, eventually resulting in ownership structures which smack of pure, safe and ultimate efficiency.

Management and Strategic Services

Findew Holding provides unique comprehensive reporting and investor services, compliance accounting and on-going support for a plethora of queries. Where required, tailor-made design solutions are also rendered in situ and immediately actioned upon agreement with the relevant client/s. Findew Holding offers a unique combination of services to its client base, including special purpose acquisition vehicles and legal entity formations, with pro-active management services. it renders a turn-key boutique-style advisory service, aimed to strategically align business enterprise structuring with enhancement of greater tax benefits and transactional strategic value. Investment documentation and legal agreements are prepared within the auspices of an all-encompassing protective umbrella.

Monitoring Services and Portfolio Advisory

To determine how effectively client mandates have performed and/or are performing, portfolios are constantly monitored and regularly scrutinised, ensuring that at all times, same are in line with ever-changing by-laws and parameters. Where it’s deemed necessary, periodic structural amendments are implemented. This eliminates risk before the need for serious concern. These qualitative issues, incorporating early warning signs, far outweigh the quantitative assumptions many innocent clients naively think will come to fruition whilst ignoring vital aspects. Dependant on the investment vehicle used, performance reviews of all clients’ asset classes are systematically consolidated, be it either quarterly or bi-annually and this ensures ultimate protection and maximised returns.

Investments and Property

Our motto is that any well-diversified portfolio should incorporate real estate and to this end, we aspire to informing vis-à-vis, educating our clients on the fundamentals and pointing them in the right direction, connecting them to the relevant dedicated experts to service their individual needs. Be it industrial or commercial real estate, building a home or development, or investing within a restrictive speculative ambit, the Findew Holding set-up is to scout, locate, source and refer the quintessentially suitable product for our clients. In addition, all jurisdictional issues involved are handled with full up-front disclosure and transparency, including potential pitfalls, advantages and disadvantages. We believe time is money and dedicated focus is applied to performing the many tasks at hand, within the shortest possible time-frame.